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Born in 1961, (which makes me 37 and 120 months) I was interested in music from around about 3 years old when every Saturday morning without fail I used to plinky plonk on my Nans piano in the parlour. But it wasn't until ten years later that I joined my first band even before I owned or in fact could actually play any instruments so keen was I to become a pop star.

I eventually got my first guitar for Christmas 1974 and I've never been without one since. Apart from a book by Ulf Goran that my brother bought me for that same Christmas (I wonder what ever happened to him - Ulf that is not my brother  I know where he is). I am self taught. (What do you mean you can tell!)

After the band split up and I had got a proper job. I eventually moved to London to seek my fame and fortune or maybe just fame or even just fortune anyway I didn't find either. So I taught myself to play the piano. Well, when I say "play the piano" - I use the term in it's loosest possible form - but I get by. I suppose it's a bit like typing even if your not taught how to you can still do a half decent job with practice - but I digress.

I've done all the usual stuff: got married, got divorced, moved house, moved jobs, been unemployed. All of which I must say did distract me from writing for some years; but about 15 years ago (just after I became a born again bachelor), I began to devote more time to writing.  Spending all my available funds on the bottomless pit that is recording equipment purchases and all my available time trying to work out how to use it. The results are the subject of this website.

All of the songs are written, arranged, produced and engineered by me. I also played all of the instruments and sang the lead and backing vocals. (I'm not a control freak honest - Give me that remote!!).

Oh if your interested the picture on the top right of this  page is a school picture of me in about 1967, taken just after cameras were invented.GT%20Music.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0
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