GT Music
Hello is this thing on?
My name is Gary Townsend and this site is dedicated to the promotion and hopefully sale of the music wot I wrote. If you'd like to know more about me (and God only knows why you would) Click Here Be careful there may be a photograph on this page.

I've been writing for the past fifteen years and have amassed a catalogue of contemporary songs.
A number of which you will find on the following pages.

Ideally I would like my songs to be re-recorded by other artists and for me to make an obscene amount of money from their success but if you are just surfing for sounds then feel free to browse around (an assistant will be with you shortly unless you actually want to buy something then they will be nowhere to be found).

The layout of the site is quite simple (no cheap shots please)

Best Foot Forward: 
Contains 4 tracks which I think are representative of all of  the material.

Music Clips: 
All have the iTune-esq. length versions in MP3 collated into their respective genres (as near as I can tell)